Our video surveillance systems offer municipalities and police departments an ideal way to monitor critical civic structures and infrastructure for incidents of vandalism, unauthorized access, or other threats to valuable assets that can be used as court evidence. All our systems use field-tested, reliable, quality, off-the-shelf technology proven to excel in situations like these.

  • Reduce prosecuting costs with better evidence
  • Protect assets such as town hall, library, or civic centers
  • Inspect areas such as local lakes, pools, or city landfills

With the help of AllthingsIT, the Town of Pittsboro spent over six months learning about Video Surveillance options. Pittsboro was able to produce a requirements document, not based on technical specifications, but based on our expected use, needs, and most importantly the quality of video needed to provide the highest levels of protection and investigational evidence for the town. We highly recommend AllthingsIT. -Scott King, Assistant Police Chief, Pittsboro, Indiana

Civic Surveillance

Police Departments

  • Leverages people
  • Do more with less
  • Wireless dash cams
Park Departments

  • Monitor pools, lakes, and chemical stores
  • Catch vandalism in park areas
Street Departments

  • Monitor fleet vehicles
  • Watch supply stores
  • Review tools and equipment

Video Surveillance Technology

Wireless Technology

Wireless antennas can extend coverage for miles at an angle of up to 360 degrees and can be used to transmit information from video cameras or CCTV encoders. These antennas communicate on a network similar, but different, than Wi-Fi. The primary difference is how they continually switch channels as a built-in security measure.

Advanced Imaging

  • More full frames per second
  • Less ambiguity
  • More dynamic range
Wireless Technology

  • Wireless antennas
  • Wireless cameras
  • Wireless viewing

Financing Options

We can connect you to financing or leasing options to help maximize your budget, but for small towns, community involvement is one way to help subsidize civic surveillance. Charitable donations can help expand the surveillance system and we can help you craft a brochure to distribute to your local community retail shops and business centers to help with this effort.

Reduce costs and protect your town

If your video management system is not providing your town and citizens with the protection they need or you are looking to upgrade your existing system, please give us a call at 317-755-0200 or email us to discuss your options.