We have industrial-grade video surveillance solutions backed by 30+ years of IT integration experience.

We work with project managers and existing IT departments to help configure and deploy video surveillance camera systems in industrial applications such as factories and other manufacturing facilities. We are video surveillance camera experts who can work with your team to craft the best security solution for your enterprise.

Video Surveillance Solutions

Our video surveillance systems have been used to monitor parking lots, high-traffic areas, or secluded areas that are hard to monitor remotely. Image data is transmitted over their existing network via wire or wireless technology. With various levels of remote access, your security staff can have access to surveillance footage from their desktop to their mobile devices 24/7.

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Performance-Based Work

We use performance-based work statements that begin with the end in mind. This allows us to work backwards from the solution to the implementation, taking a results-based approach to video surveillance installation. We can use your existing network or work around it with new or existing ethernet, phone lines, fiber optics, or wireless technology.

Installation and Integration

We can either help you install or guide your staff through the installation process. We believe the best resources are the ones you already have so we work with your existing team and technology to develop the most cost-effective plan to meet your goals. We can work with union teams to train them on new skills that make them more valuable to your organization and use your existing staff to help install new infrastructure.

Image-Based Evidence

We believe video surveillance is only as effective as the results. Our video surveillance systems use JPEG 2000 technology to take multiple JPEG images instead of traditional interlaced images that H.264 and MP4 technology creates. What normally takes a trained video analysis expert to decode is a straightforward JPEG image with our video surveillance solutions. This leads to increased clarity and decreased costs when you need it the most.

Remote Video Viewing

When used with our video control centers, live or recorded video can be viewed via select mobile devices. Imagine monitoring your school from the comfort of your own home via your cell phone or secure web access. Monitor critical processes and infrastructure for incidents of vandalism, unauthorized access, or other threats to valuable assets that can be used as court evidence. Our systems use field-tested, reliable, quality, off-the-shelf technology proven to excel in situations like these.

Leasing and Financing Options

We can connect you to financing or leasing options to help maximize your budget. Video surveillance system design begins with learning what you hope to accomplish with the technology and ends with a solution you can afford. We give our clients a thorough onsite review of the site, design a site plan, then create a video surveillance system based on your needs requirement and your budget. Financing and leasing options are available.

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