Installation and Integration

We can help you install or guide your staff through the video installation process.

We believe the best resources are the ones you already have so we work with your existing team and technology to develop the most cost-effective plan to meet your goals. We can work with union teams to train them on new skills that make them more valuable to your organization and use your existing staff to help install new infrastructure.

We customize installations to integrate into your existing network technology.

We have the full expertise not only to specify the right technology, but to verify proper system installation and provide customized user education after installation. We craft support and user-education programs that meet employees where they are – and take them where they need to go – in order to make the most of new technology.

Integrative Solutions

Whether you have old copper phone lines or brand new ethernet cables, we can find a solution for adding bandwidth and connectivity between your video surveillance cameras and your video management system. We have used everything from wireless technology to fiber optics to transmit audio and video across campus and across towns.

Use of existing technology

  • dark fiber
  • old phone lines
  • existing ethernet
Installation of new technology

  • wireless communication
  • new ethernet
  • encoders systems to translate old CCTV cameras

Performance-Based Work Statements

We use performance-based work statements (PBWS) that begin with the end in mind. This allows us to work backwards from the solution to the implementation, taking a results-based approach to video surveillance installation. We can use your existing network or work around it with new or existing ethernet, phone lines, fiber optics, or wireless technology. If this sounds good to you, call 317-755-0200 or send us an email.