Education and Training

We are dedicated to educating our clients as much as promoting the best video surveillance solutions. We believe in a better way to bid, design, and implement video surveillance systems that creates an apple-to-apple comparison between vendors using proven, repeatable methods to scientifically prove results.

Results-Based Video Surveillance Performance

We use identification metrics created by the United States and British governments to determine whether or not a video surveillance system will solve your organization’s needs prior to implementation. This results-based process uses performance-based work statements to focus on the end goal, not just the technology required to get there.

Our process starts with education about how to compare video surveillance systems and flows into education about camera technology and terms before ever getting into specific industry solutions. In addition to education and training, we offer system design and implementation services as well as maintenance and support services. Learn more about our products.

We believe in a better way of doing business

From the bidding process to implementation, we are dedicated to educating your staff to ensure you are receiving the technology to meet your needs and the knowledge to know how to use it. Find our more about our results-based process by calling us at 317-755-0200 or email us.