High Resolution Video Cameras vs. Pan Tilt Zoom Cameras

How to Record Large Viewing Areas with Separate Small Detail

The most difficult question for any organization to answer is, “Where is the incident or threat coming from?” Threats come in all shapes, sizes, and locations. Careful consideration must be given to define the most likely incidences and to what level of video quality is needed. Let us take a school as an example.

In the school gymnasium, one child shoves another child into the wall and suffers a head wound. What level of camera detail is needed to determine what child touched the other first? Or what was in the child’s hand prior to the incident? Did we see the incident from two angles and does the video evidence provide enough detail to properly respond?

Most of the time small, less expensive cameras are an economical way to cover small, narrow areas of schools and can easily be moved or added as the needs grow. However, larger areas of schools such as cafeterias, gymnasiums, large concourse areas, and all exterior grounds present a considerably more difficult challenge to CCTV capture.

To date, the accepted practice has been pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras offering a “general overview” image, but has the “real-time” ability to zoom into areas of interest when needed. On the surface, this seems like a wonderful solution to the problem, but having the ability to zoom a “live” scene does little unless there is always someone watching the live cameras.

Even if a dedicated staff member were to be watching the PTZ cameras on the lookout for trouble, the second they decide to take a closer look at a “real-time” event occurring, all other areas have been left uncovered. As you well know, things can happen in more than one place and even the subject is who zoomed-in on may quickly move out of the camera’s view. There is a need to catch all incidents, large or small with video.

High resolution video cameras offer a solution to PTZ camera problems.

The Avigilon Camera Solution is the only solution offering the capability to record large areas while simultaneously being able to zoom into a distinct area with greater detail. This video surveillance camera technology allows us to install fewer cameras, while still giving you the ability to stop, pause, and zoom on both live and recorded video. No other video surveillance system technology has this ability.

Developed for medical imaging and adopted by the motion picture industry and used by applications such as Google Earth; Avigilon uses JPEG 2000 imaging technology to take multiple, full-frame JPEG images per second to form video rather than the traditional full and partial frames that interlaced video creates. This means that each frame is a full image that can be easily downloaded as evidence.

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