Wireless Video Connectivity

If your organization needs a wireless connection to get your camera signals across a parking lot or across town, we have solutions for your needs.

Wireless antennas can extend coverage for miles at an angle of up to 360 degrees and are used to transmit information from video cameras or CCTV encoders. These antennas communicate on a network similar, but different, than Wi-Fi. The primary difference is how they continually switch channels as a built-in security measure.

The wireless signals travel best when there is direct line of sight between antennas so most of the time, the antennas need to be higher than surrounding trees and building. Some organizations have chose to put up a metal tower, but wood utility poles can work just as well. We successfully deployed one antenna up to 55 feet high this way.

Remote Viewing on Your Mobile Device

When used in conjunction with Avigilon Control Center software, video streams can be wirelessly viewed on your mobile device. Just as if you were sitting in front of a traditional workstation, live and recorded surveillance footage can be obtained from your cell phone. This enables users to view video surveillance wherever they are, increasing the usefulness of the video management system.

Connect with Safe Small Towns

We want to educate you about wireless video connectivity terms and technologies so that we can have an open, transparent dialog about the process of installing or upgrading your video surveillance camera system. Call our office at 317-755-0200 or email us to share what wireless video connection problems you are facing.