Traffic Logix SafePace Radar Speed Signs

Radar speed signs are a low-cost, low-maintenance traffic-calming solution that ensures children can walk and bike to school safely. And when combined with video surveillance and data collection technologies, they can be a powerful tool for behavior modification.

In the vicinity of schools where radar speed signs were installed, drivers slowed an average of 14%. -Case Study, Garden Grove, CA

Traffic Logix SafePace radar speed signs are an affordable solution to slow vehicle traffic in your community or in front of your schools. They are lightweight, portable, and ideal for private communities, shopping centers, industrial areas, corporate campuses, residential neighborhoods, construction zones, or in front of schools.

Radar speed signs have been shown to reduce driver speed by an average of 10%. Whether you want to simply alert drivers of their speed or notify them about an event, construction zone, or dangerous road conditions, SafePace radar signs can help you do that because the 600 series has a customizeable text display.

Speed display boards (radar speed signs) effectively reduce vehicle speed, changing behavior for the long term. –Journal of the Transportation Research Board

Traffic Logix sign dollies can be fitted with a special video surveillance camera and together with an optional data collection engine, your organization can collect traffic statistics including vehicle speed, vehicle count, and license plate information. The units can run off of battery or solar power and can be mounted to a pole, cart, or a ball mount on a trailer hitch.

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