Shooting for the Moon

The Moon

This image of the moon was taken with an Avigilon video camera using JPEG2000 technology. This type of image would be hard to render with even the best digital cameras, so imagine how easily it can read license plates, identify faces, and be used as evidence in court.

Are you still using MPEG4 camera technology to capture interlaced frames that require a forensic video expert to decode? Why not use the same technology big movie studios and large hospitals use to capture and store images as video using Avigilon cameras and their VMS (video management software).

We are one of the only places in Indiana to get Avigilon cameras, equipment, and software and our central location in Indianapolis allows us to serve a wide area and a variety of organizations from small towns to car delearships to manufacturing facilities to shipping warehouses. We have the experience that makes the difference.

So whether you’re shooting for the moon or just want to get education about how video surveillance cameras work, how to compare video surveillance companies, or how to create a performance-based work statement, we can help you learn more by calling 317-755-0200 or emailing us for more information about Avigilon products.