Keystone Products

Roman Arches

A video surveillance system is more than a sum of its parts just as a Roman archway is more than a set of voussoirs and a keystone. While the keystone supports the surrounding stones (called “voussoirs”) and helps distribute the weight of the remainder of the arch the thrust of the voussoirs pushes outward and downward to bear heavy loads.

While we have chosen a few “keystone products” such as Avigilon’s JPEG2000 cameras and video management software (VMS), they cannot work without the support of the “voussouir products” from Proxim for wireless connectivity or Netgear for network interfaces or N-able’s remote monitoring services or Dell’s server technology. All of these products are required for the whole system to work.

If you’re looking for someone to help design a video surveillance system for your organization, look for someone who has experience with all aspects of a video surveillance system. AllThingsIT has been working with computer networks and video surveillance systems for over 20 years. We’ve used other vendors products and we’ve learned from our mistakes. Now you can benefit from that knowledge. All you have to do is get the conversation started by emailing us or calling 317-755-0200.