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  • Damar Services

    AllThingsIT helped Damar Services maintain the health and safety of residents, improve staff training, and acknowledge performance excellence in an effort to enhance client care.

    As featured by Avigilon, Damar Services’ staff of six full-time security personnel seamlessly manages the facility’s hybrid video surveillance system, which runs 24×7, using Avigilon Control Center. More than 90 Avigilon HD cameras monitor the facility’s common areas, athletic fields, playgrounds, parking lots, and perimeter. Avigilon analog video encoders boost the performance of Damar Services’ existing analog-based cameras and two Avigilon HD network video recorders (NVR) store up to 30 days of continuous surveillance video. All of this was done without degrading the existing performance of the IT network.


    • Faster investigation times
    • Better incident prevention
    • Improved client service
    • End to end system

    Avigilon Control Center Enterprise NVMS dramatically improves system performance, reliability, and manageability, reducing investigation times from hours to minutes. With 24×7 access to high-quality campus-wide surveillance footage, security staff can proactively deploy back-up support in the anticipation of potentially difficult situations, boosting staff’s ability to prevent incidents that could jeopardize client safety.

    Leveraging the Avigilon HD Surveillance System as a training tool, management can easily extract video footage to highlight learning opportunities with staff to improve service delivery and recognize individuals who are following procedures in their ongoing effort to provide excellent care to residents. The Avigilon HD Surveillance System leverages the organization’s existing IT infrastructure and integrates seamlessly with security gate controllers for added efficiencies.

  • Xpress Cargo

    AllThingsIT helped Xpress Cargo ensure asset protection, facilitate cargo management, and maintain employee safety using Avigilon video surveillance systems.

    As featured on Avigilon, Xpress Cargo staff now effortlessly manages their high-definition video surveillance system using the Avigilon Control Center. This commercial trucking company installed Avigilon HD cameras ranging from 1 MP to 8 MP to monitor activity at its main entrances and exits both inside and out, along with all major traffic areas to ensure maximum protection. Additional Avigilon HD cameras were installed in the parking lot to protect docked trailers and trucks from theft and damage.

    Several Avigilon HD 360 Panoramic dome cameras provided complete coverage of the warehouse. An Avigilon HD 180 Panoramic dome camera monitors the company’s repair shop and outside employee lounge area. The company also added audio recording functionality in the dispatch office, repair shop, and drivers lounge area for added safety. Storing two weeks of continuous surveillance video, the Avigilon high-definition surveillance system is monitored live around the clock.


    • 15% reduction in liability costs
    • Lowered installation costs
    • Increased operational efficiencies

    By installing Avigilon HD 360 and 180 Panoramic dome cameras, Xpress Cargo was able to achieve greater coverage with fewer cameras and lower installation costs. With indisputable evidence in hand, the company has also been able to reduce liability costs
    by 15 percent. The Avigilon high-definition surveillance system provides complete oversight of all trucks and trailers being loaded to ensure the proper handling of client goods and to confirm that safety and freight handling requirements are being met. This helps to boost overall operational efficiencies and allows Xpress Cargo employees to enjoy a heightened sense of security while on the job.