• Public-Private Partnerships

    A public-private partnership is a government service or private business venture which is funded and operated through a partnership of government and one or more private sector companies. These are sometimes referred to as PPP or P3. Alan Wohlstetter, an attorney that specializes in developing public-private partnerships, helps cities and towns figure out how to update their information technology infrastructure and fund improvements without over-taxing tax revenues. He creates an ideal legal structure for the governmental entity entering into the P3 and creates a financial model that works for both parties.

    Why Would a Private Business Want to Enter Into a Public-Private Partnership with a Government Agency?

    In the case of video surveillance, it may just be a matter of time before your local police department puts up their own video surveillance cameras in your area. When they do, you won’t have much of a say over where they go, how they operate, or how long the video gets stored. However, if you initiate a public-private partnership with your local police department and create a mutual letter of understanding (MLU) you may be able to negotiate not only access to the camera footage, but where the cameras are located, how long the video is stored, and what the cameras are able to capture.

    If this interests you, consider other legal challenges of municipal video surveillance systems such as liability and fourth-amendment rights that public-private partnerships might be able to help. And if you’re interested in learning more about how public-private partnerships can help keep the value of your property up, protect patrons and other citizens, and maintain more control over your video surveillance, then please contact us for more information or call 317-755-0200. We are located in the Indianapolis area, but serve small towns, police and fire departments, and businesses in all of Indiana and the surrounding states.

  • Roman Arches

    Keystone Products

    A video surveillance system is more than a sum of its parts just as a Roman archway is more than a set of voussoirs and a keystone. While the keystone supports the surrounding stones (called “voussoirs”) and helps distribute the weight of the remainder of the arch the thrust of the voussoirs pushes outward and downward to bear heavy loads.

    While we have chosen a few “keystone products” such as Avigilon’s JPEG2000 cameras and video management software (VMS), they cannot work without the support of the “voussouir products” from Proxim for wireless connectivity or Netgear for network interfaces or N-able’s remote monitoring services or Dell’s server technology. All of these products are required for the whole system to work.

    If you’re looking for someone to help design a video surveillance system for your organization, look for someone who has experience with all aspects of a video surveillance system. AllThingsIT has been working with computer networks and video surveillance systems for over 20 years. We’ve used other vendors products and we’ve learned from our mistakes. Now you can benefit from that knowledge. All you have to do is get the conversation started by emailing us or calling 317-755-0200.

  • The Moon

    Shooting for the Moon

    This image of the moon was taken with an Avigilon video camera using JPEG2000 technology. This type of image would be hard to render with even the best digital cameras, so imagine how easily it can read license plates, identify faces, and be used as evidence in court.

    Are you still using MPEG4 camera technology to capture interlaced frames that require a forensic video expert to decode? Why not use the same technology big movie studios and large hospitals use to capture and store images as video using Avigilon cameras and their VMS (video management software).

    We are one of the only places in Indiana to get Avigilon cameras, equipment, and software and our central location in Indianapolis allows us to serve a wide area and a variety of organizations from small towns to car delearships to manufacturing facilities to shipping warehouses. We have the experience that makes the difference.

    So whether you’re shooting for the moon or just want to get education about how video surveillance cameras work, how to compare video surveillance companies, or how to create a performance-based work statement, we can help you learn more by calling 317-755-0200 or emailing us for more information about Avigilon products.

  • Traffic Logix SafePace Radar Speed Signs

    Radar speed signs are a low-cost, low-maintenance traffic-calming solution that ensures children can walk and bike to school safely. And when combined with video surveillance and data collection technologies, they can be a powerful tool for behavior modification.

    In the vicinity of schools where radar speed signs were installed, drivers slowed an average of 14%. -Case Study, Garden Grove, CA

    Traffic Logix SafePace radar speed signs are an affordable solution to slow vehicle traffic in your community or in front of your schools. They are lightweight, portable, and ideal for private communities, shopping centers, industrial areas, corporate campuses, residential neighborhoods, construction zones, or in front of schools.

    Radar speed signs have been shown to reduce driver speed by an average of 10%. Whether you want to simply alert drivers of their speed or notify them about an event, construction zone, or dangerous road conditions, SafePace radar signs can help you do that because the 600 series has a customizeable text display.

    Speed display boards (radar speed signs) effectively reduce vehicle speed, changing behavior for the long term. –Journal of the Transportation Research Board

    Traffic Logix sign dollies can be fitted with a special video surveillance camera and together with an optional data collection engine, your organization can collect traffic statistics including vehicle speed, vehicle count, and license plate information. The units can run off of battery or solar power and can be mounted to a pole, cart, or a ball mount on a trailer hitch.

    If you are interested in implementing a radar speed sign in your community or for your organization, please contact us or call 317-755-0200 for more information. We are located in Indianapolis, but serve all of Indiana and surrounding areas.

  • Crowne Plaza Hotel And Conference Center Indianapolis

    IACP Mid-Winter Conference & Trade Show 2013

    The IACP Mid-Winter Conference and Trade Show is happening this January 23-25, 2013 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel and Conference Center in Downtown, Indianapolis and we are going to be there. The event is presented by the Indiana Association of Chiefs of Police and the keynote presentation is on “Leadership and Cultural Changes that Impact your Agency” by The Pacific Institute. 

    Police chiefs from around Indiana will be visiting nearly 100 booths featuring quality law enforcement products and services such as video surveillance equipment from Safe Small Towns. There will also be an awards program to acknowledge the best in Indiana law enforcement, as well as the new PELA (Police Executive Leadership Academy) graduates and ILEAC (Indiana Law Enforcement Accreditation Commission) accredited agencies.

    The conference begins on Wednesday, January 23 with breakfast, an awards program and PELA graduation, a Government Relations Report and Workshop, and a trade show where we will be present with our Safe Small Towns booth. Look for our display showing an actual picture of a school parking lot taken with a high-definition, digital  video surveillance camera. We will be happy to talk to you about how we have helped police departments across the state of Indiana keep their towns safe using video surveillance camera systems.

    About the IACP (Indiana Association of Chiefs of Police)

    The Indiana Association of Chiefs of Police is an organization that promotes professionalism, training, and networking for the law enforcement executive to enhance public awareness of law enforcement and public safety issues. One of their goals is to provide education and the Pacific Institute is teaching on cultural changes.

    About the Pacific Institute

    The Pacific Institute is an international corporation specializing in performance improvement and professional growth, change management and leadership development. They believe individuals have a virtually unlimited capacity for growth, change, and creativity. 

    IACP Mid-Winter Conference & Trade Show

    The IACP Mid-Winter Conference and Trade Show is January 23-25, 2013 at Crowne Plaza Hotel & Conference Center, Downtown Indianapolis at History Union Station, 123 West Louisiana Street, Indianapolis, IN. Register online [PDF].

  • Public Video Surveillance

    Transparency in Public Video Surveillance

    Why shouldn’t public cameras have public access?

    We believe that the video surveillance process should be as transparent to the citizens being surveilled as possible. Imagine walking into your local police station and seeing a bank of monitors displaying images from local video surveillance systems. While the citizen would not be able to pan, zoom, or export the video, they would be able to see what is being reviewed and remove the fear and anxiety that such a system might invoke. 

    If a retail shop owner saw that his business was being over-exposed they could request an opaque ‘panel’ be digitally added to block the view into their store. This could similarly be done for personal residences or any place where a citizen’s fourth amendment right to unreasonable searches is compromised.

    Additionally, the rules for – how long video is stored, who has access to it, and at what levels each person has access to – could all be well documented and published as part of the public transparency process of civic surveillance.

    There are reasons for being discrete in some instances such as in special investigative instances or for business owners who might not want to make public intellectual property or trade secrets, but for small towns and police departments monitoring public spaces, there is no reason not to let the public both view and understand the civic video surveillance system.

    In Guidelines for Public Video Surveillance, A Guide to Protecting Communities and Preserving Civil Liberties, The Constitution Project’s Liberty and Security Initiative has formulated guidelines to assist local and state officials charged with authorizing, designing, and managing public video surveillance systems. One procedure they recommend is to, “conduct a civil liberties impact assessment and overall cost-benefit analysis through a public deliberative process that includes community input.” We agree that the public should be a part of the public surveillance system and steps should be taken to involve the public in order to add more transparency, trust, and ownership in the public of the service their community is trying to provide.

  • Legal Challenges of Municipal Video Surveillance Systems

    Public-Private Partnerships Help Reduce Risk and Increase Performance

    Alan Wohlstetter, attorney at Fox Rothschild, LLP, recently wrote an opinion piece called “Municipal video surveillance systems: Legal and financial challenges“. In the article he notes that municipal video surveillance systems are, “a force-multiplier for local police,” but questions who should own such a system. 

    Wohlstetter suggests considering that civic surveillance systems should be set up under an, “independent city-related entity” to reduce liability from the video surveillance system. “Such a legal arrangement insulates the city or town from liability.”

    How would an independent city-related entity work?

    “A city-related entity would own the municipal video surveillance system, and would set forth the public policy purposes to be served by the system,” says Wohlstetter, continuing, “It may be appropriate however, to involve the private sector in a public-private partnership, increasing the efficiency and responsiveness of the system.”

    His argument is that the private sector is better equipped to handle the inherent risk associated with a municipal video surveillance system. There is also a second level of accountability uniquely established when a private partner engages the public sector leading to better performance.

    Fourth amendment concerns regarding reasonable expectation of privacy

    When security cameras are used in public places, there is concern that video cameras and those reviewing the video will be able to view into private areas. The best way for cities and towns to avoid this problem is to focus the cameras on public places such as parks and playgrounds, but when necessary, “There is a technology which can actually block images taken from inside homes — images that could violate an individual’s Fourth Amendment rights.”

    In Summary

    Wohlstetter concludes, “Set up properly, through a public-private partnership, a municipal video surveillance system can be tailored to a community’s needs, creating an avenue for public input and enhancement of public safety. If not handled properly, such a system can create an Orwellian society where ‘Big Brother is watching,’ and law-abiding citizens feel as threatened as criminals.” Through community buy-in, civic surveillance can be more transparent and useful, rather than feared.

  • Damar Services

    AllThingsIT helped Damar Services maintain the health and safety of residents, improve staff training, and acknowledge performance excellence in an effort to enhance client care.

    As featured by Avigilon, Damar Services’ staff of six full-time security personnel seamlessly manages the facility’s hybrid video surveillance system, which runs 24×7, using Avigilon Control Center. More than 90 Avigilon HD cameras monitor the facility’s common areas, athletic fields, playgrounds, parking lots, and perimeter. Avigilon analog video encoders boost the performance of Damar Services’ existing analog-based cameras and two Avigilon HD network video recorders (NVR) store up to 30 days of continuous surveillance video. All of this was done without degrading the existing performance of the IT network.


    • Faster investigation times
    • Better incident prevention
    • Improved client service
    • End to end system

    Avigilon Control Center Enterprise NVMS dramatically improves system performance, reliability, and manageability, reducing investigation times from hours to minutes. With 24×7 access to high-quality campus-wide surveillance footage, security staff can proactively deploy back-up support in the anticipation of potentially difficult situations, boosting staff’s ability to prevent incidents that could jeopardize client safety.

    Leveraging the Avigilon HD Surveillance System as a training tool, management can easily extract video footage to highlight learning opportunities with staff to improve service delivery and recognize individuals who are following procedures in their ongoing effort to provide excellent care to residents. The Avigilon HD Surveillance System leverages the organization’s existing IT infrastructure and integrates seamlessly with security gate controllers for added efficiencies.

  • Xpress Cargo

    AllThingsIT helped Xpress Cargo ensure asset protection, facilitate cargo management, and maintain employee safety using Avigilon video surveillance systems.

    As featured on Avigilon, Xpress Cargo staff now effortlessly manages their high-definition video surveillance system using the Avigilon Control Center. This commercial trucking company installed Avigilon HD cameras ranging from 1 MP to 8 MP to monitor activity at its main entrances and exits both inside and out, along with all major traffic areas to ensure maximum protection. Additional Avigilon HD cameras were installed in the parking lot to protect docked trailers and trucks from theft and damage.

    Several Avigilon HD 360 Panoramic dome cameras provided complete coverage of the warehouse. An Avigilon HD 180 Panoramic dome camera monitors the company’s repair shop and outside employee lounge area. The company also added audio recording functionality in the dispatch office, repair shop, and drivers lounge area for added safety. Storing two weeks of continuous surveillance video, the Avigilon high-definition surveillance system is monitored live around the clock.


    • 15% reduction in liability costs
    • Lowered installation costs
    • Increased operational efficiencies

    By installing Avigilon HD 360 and 180 Panoramic dome cameras, Xpress Cargo was able to achieve greater coverage with fewer cameras and lower installation costs. With indisputable evidence in hand, the company has also been able to reduce liability costs
    by 15 percent. The Avigilon high-definition surveillance system provides complete oversight of all trucks and trailers being loaded to ensure the proper handling of client goods and to confirm that safety and freight handling requirements are being met. This helps to boost overall operational efficiencies and allows Xpress Cargo employees to enjoy a heightened sense of security while on the job.

  • Indianapolis Video Surveillance Companies

    Looking for video surveillance companies in Indianapolis? How will you compare?

    The traditional way to compare video surveillance companies is to create a list of hardware specifications and then look for a video surveillance vendor or value added reseller and then look for the cheapest price through a RFP or other bidding process. What this fails to consider is the results of the finished or upgraded video surveillance system. Our process uses standard metrics to compare one video surveillance company to another because we believe in results-based solutions.

    We use identification metrics created to determine whether or not a video surveillance system will solve your organization’s needs prior to implementation. This performance-based process uses Performance Work Statements to focus on the end goal, not just the technology required to get there. Our process starts with education about how to compare video surveillance systems and flows into education about camera technology and terms before ever getting into specific industry solutions.

    Safe Small Towns

    If you’re looking for a video surveillance company in Indianapolis, consider the professionals at AllThingsIT who have more than 30 years of combined video surveillance system and IT integration experience. Call 317-755-0200 or send us an email for more information or to get started.

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